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2014 Volunteer of the Year

Sturgeon County is recognizing its outstanding volunteers with our Volunteer of the Year Awards, at our Volunteer Appreciation evening on Tuesday, April 8, 2014. Anyone is welcome to submit a nomination.

Criteria for Submissions
1.Nominees must be a Sturgeon County resident and must provide rural address as proof of residency.

2.The nominee should have demonstrated volunteer activities that benefit the Sturgeon County region.

3.Each volunteer organization operating within Sturgeon County can nominate a volunteer of the year based on volunteer service provided during the 2013 Calendar Year.

4.Each nomination must include a short summary of the nominee’s volunteer contributions.

5.Volunteers from each organization can only be recognized every 3 years and only 1 volunteer or couple per organization will be recognized.

6.Group nominations will not be considered but a group can recognize an individual or couple from a group.

7.School Councillors, teachers or parents who are nominated for their work inside the schools are not eligible, so not to duplicate the volunteer appreciation activities that take place in schools. 

Nominations must be typewritten and submitted to Sturgeon County Community Services before February 14.

Mail: Sturgeon County Community Services
9613 – 100 Street, Morinville, AB T8R 1L9
Drop off: Community Services Office
9610 – 100 Street in Morinville